Here are Robinson's we are passionate about supporting our local community.

We are regularly asked to visit the Island's primary schools to deliver the 'Healthy Eating' message, chat about local produce or fruit and vegetables from around the World.

The classes also visit us at our stores on Cooil Road and Prospect Terrace. They LOVE Paddy's lobster tank at Robinson's on Cooil Road.

HEALTHY EATING - Robinson’s is proactive in delivering a 5 A DAY message and encouraging healthy eating. We have a team who make regular visits to local schools to explain to children the benefits of eating a healthy diet that including a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables each day.

Together with printed information we also supply the children with samples of fruits that they may already be aware of, and some more exotic types, which they may be unfamiliar with.

Most schools have a project for children on this subject and these visits add an extra dimension to the project. They are a lot of fun and always enjoyed by the class