Paul, Mr Chunks and Mrs Smoothie were very excited for Willaston school visit to us at Cooil Road today. Mrs Smoothie and Mr Chunks were waiting in the sunshine at the gates for the children's arrival on the bus.

Paul showed the children some of the more unusual and exotic fruits, they talked about the warmer parts of the World these fruits were grown. The children discussed the fruits they liked and wanted to add to their smoothies when they start their smoothie shop in school in a couple of weeks.

Paddy's Hooked on Fish lobster tank was a great talking point too, Sean from Paddy's showed the children the lobsters and some of them stroked or even held them!!


Finally the children tried some pineapples, melons & grapes before heading off on the bus back to school.

Thank you to Willaston school children for their fantastic behaviour & lovely manners, we enjoyed having you visiting us