We were really interested when Clare e-mailed us regarding the 'Celebration of skipping' within the Island's Primary schools, getting the children active and having fun! We were more than happy to sponsor this and provide all the children with fruit and water for this fun, healthy event.

The Celebration of Skipping was held was held in the hall at Rushen Primary school on Friday 25th June 2016, with about 80 children from different schools on the Isle of Man taking part.

Mrs Smoothie and Mr Chunks arrived just in time for Hoop-a-cise with Paula so joined in where they could. The children then did a demostration of long rope skipping with lot's of clever skills including face to face, 360 degree turns and at one point I think we had about 8 children skipping at once! Mrs Smoothie had a skip with the children but couldn't quite master jumping in, I think she was a little too big for the rope!!

Paul stayed for the presentation and met all the children on this fantastic afternoon and we received a lovely card made by the children - thank you so much!