Paul visited Ballacottier School and the children in the Rainbow room last year, so we were over the moon when Mr Jolly contacted us to arrange a visit to Robinson's.


The children arrived full of smiles and listened to Paul talking about the exotic fruits, they were guessing the colour of the flesh of paw paws, mangos.


 Oham, from our shop at Cooil Road, showed the children a Wintermelon, it was huge! We cut the melon so the children could have a look and Oham explained that the melon would be used in stews and cooking

Paul with a Winter Melon

. Paul and Oham also showed the children some of the exotic vegetables which can be used in Indian, Thai and Chinese cooking.

Mrs Smoothie and Mr Chunks popped in to say hello to the children, there was lot's of 'High 5's' and even had a little dance.

      Sean from Paddy's Hooked on fish talked to the children about the lobsters and the fresh fish display - there were lots of questions. Some of the children were brave and touched the lobsters - even Mr Jolly held one!.