While rhubarb is generally known to be a summer root, it can be enjoyed out of season as a treat in the colder months by a process known as 'forcing'.

Forced rhubarb is grown outside to expose the root of the plant to frost, and then lifted and placed into forcing sheds where they continue to grow by candlelight. This process makes for a considerably sweeter rhubarb. The sticks are harvested by hand and the process overall creates a more sustainable harvest.



For the filling:

  • 600g Forced Yorkshire Rhubarb
  • 100g Soft Light Brown Sugar

For the Crumble:

  • 85g Isle of Man Creamery Salted Butter
  • 140g Self Raising Flour
  • 50g Soft Light Brown Sugar


  1. Chop the rhubarb stalks into approximate 2 inch chunks.
  2. Place the chopped rhubarb into a saucepan along with the sugar and cover, simmer over a low heat until the rhubarb has softened but still remains in shape and the sugar has liquified.
  3. Pour the mixture into an oven-proof dish and set aside.
  4. To make the crumble, add the flour and butter together in a mixing bowl.
  5. Rub the ingredients together with your hands until a crumbly texture has formed.
  6. Add the sugar to the mixture and rub together with your hands.
  7. Cover the filling with the crumble mixture and place into a preheated oven at 180°C
  8. Bake for approximately 15-20 minutes or until the mix is bubbling and the crumble is slightly golden.
  9. Serve with fresh double cream or custard and enjoy.